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What We Do

Transforma provides consulting services specialized in project development and management, strategic communication and training to organizations and companies active in the social and environmental sectors.


To provide specialized services in strategic areas, for the optimum performance of organizations, projects and entrepreneurs in the social and environmental segments.


To leverage the individual and collective capacity to generate positive transformation in the world, contributing to sustainable development.


Commitment, Collaboration, Courage, and Vision.

Transforma wants to work with you, collaborating with your project, your organization. We believe in the capacity and the will of people and organizations that wish to make a positive impact in the world and contribute to sustainable development. We are here to leverage this capacity through our expertise and experience. Let’s do this together!

How we do it

Development and Management:

  • Analysis, creation and (re)definition of objective, strategy and portfolio offer.
  • Mapping and diagnosis of audiences and touch points, and definition of message and approach.
  • Project planning and management.

Partnership Building and Maintenance:

  • Analysis of the need for partnerships for better performance.
  • Mapping and diagnosis of potential partners.
  • Partner engagement.

Communication and Content:

  • Planning and implementation of Public Relations strategy.
  • Definition and creation of communication and engagement tools, including online channels, campaigns, and events.
  • Content production and curation.

Toolkit, training and facilitation:

  • Creation and implementation of tools and training for planning, team development, communication and engagement activities.
  • Facilitation and mediation of different types of sessions, including for the creation of activities and projects.


Intelligence for the Cause

Context Understanding

Relevant Conversations

We use data, knowledge and analysis capacity to leverage your project’s/organization’s strategy. We consider the specific challenges and opportunities of your context to achieve actual results. Our primary goal is to establish relevant conversations for your cause, making way for collaboration and contributing to the development of all stakeholders.


Activities that are part of our portfolio

  • Mapping, engagement and management of multiple stakeholders (150 agents in the public, private and third sectors) for the development of projects of management models for conservation areas, for an NGO in the environmental segment.
  • Forming key partnerships to develop 3 projects on a national scale for an NGO in the social-environmental segment.
  • Engagement increase at an annual event in the social impact segment, from 80 to 380 participants.
  • Diagnostics, manual and communication training for municipal and state education networks.
  • Content curation and management of communication channels for an international network of social entrepreneurs (tripling the percentage of ‘open rates’ and ‘CTRs’; achieving a 50% increase in responses to opinion survey, and creating personalized content with acceptance above 70%).

Edilaine de Abreu

With over 15 years of experience, she has worked in Public Relations at organizations like Conteúdo Comunicação, Edelman, Semeia and Impact Hub (remaining active at the latter). Some of the clients served throughout her career include GE, MWV Rigesa, J&J, Claro, Natura, Starbucks, Air France, Make a Wish International and Care Brazil.

With a bachelor’s degree in journalism at Fundação Cásper Líbero, Edilaine specialized in social innovation management at Instituto Amani, in engagement at the Westminster Academy in London, in training and facilitation in the Art of Hosting approach, and received an MBA degree in sustainability project management at FGV-SP.

Transforma works with a diverse network of professionals to develop its activities. All certified by years of joint work.


We like to exchange:

This space is yours, ours, of all who are interested in ideas and actions that can transform the world. Exchanging knowledge, experiences, and collaboration is essential to generate positive change. So, take a few minutes of your day to read what amazing professionals, dedicated to social and environmental causes, have to share with all of us. The posts below are in Portuguese. If you would like to read them, you can translate them directly through Google webpage translator.

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